Youth Identity and Migration: Culture, Values and Social Connectedness

Fethi Mansouri (ed.)

Published by On Diversity, a book series by Common Ground Publishing

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The key objective of this book is to explore identity and wellbeing among young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. The chapters collectively explore some of the most critical issues in research into second-generation migrants, namely identity formation, social connectedness and the role of social policy and intervention in dealing with these complex issues.

The book also focuses on the problematised nature of certain migrant groups, such as Muslim youth in the West. The book consists of thirteen chapters organised around three broad thematic sections, namely: migrant youth identity and social connectedness, focusing on cultural adaptation and wellbeing among migrant youth; global and educational perspectives on the social experiences of migrant youth, focusing in particular on comparative insights from Australia, France and the US; and the interaction of migrant youth with new media and its implications for social connectedness.

Keywords: Migration, Immigration, Culture, Values, Youth Identity, Assimilation, Social integration

Book: Print (Paperback). Book: Electronic (PDF File; 1.639MB), ISBN: 1863356223. Published by On Diversity, a book series by Common Ground Publishing.

Prof. Fethi Mansouri

Professor, School of International and Political Studies, Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria, Australia


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